How we serve the industry

We are the industry’s leading distributor and service provider for food ingredients. Linking product quality, formulation expertise and market knowledge to deliver the best performance in a product’s taste, texture, nutritional composition and shelf life is our daily business.

Our experts work with customers to choose the right ingredients for their products, while our specialists develop solutions that are tailor-made for each customer’s unique and specific needs – from milk to meat, from bread to beverages, from confectionary to convenience food.

A glance at our approach

Our experts test ingredients and additives and develop formulations at our own in-house Application and Development Centers. Brenntag Food & Nutrition knows the right ingredients combinations, interactions and processing conditions to get ingredients to perform to their fullest. Our team will help you achieve cost optimization and flexibility with alternative ingredients or develop innovative flavor profiles in a range of areas:

  • Food Design
  • Food Technology
  • Health & Nutrition
  • Food Safety and Shelf Life

Meat, Poultry & Fish Processing

The food specialists in our Meat, Poultry & Fish Processing segment are part of our living network of over 900 dedicated experts in the Brenntag Food & Nutrition Unit. Their expertise spans all meat and fish types and processing techniques: From ham, nuggets, meatballs, fermented sausages or frankfurters, we help you to meet your customers’ expectations in terms of texture, taste, aroma, and innovative solutions. In addition to meat, poultry and fish processing, our experts can also help you with finding the right solution for vegetarian and vegan meat substitutes to stand out in today’s competitive food market.

Bakery & Bread

Our experts in the Bakery & Bread segment help you to restore the comforting sensation of freshly baked bread wherever your customers are, but also create exciting new bakery products, such as specialty breads or cereal bars. Our Food Application and Development Centers strive to design the perfect crumb structure and color, the ideal volume, and the best taste to satisfy your customers’ desire for baked products.

Brenntag Food & Nutrition also acknowledges current consumer trends with respect to baked good – from gluten-free to fiber-enriched or sugar-reduced products.

Dairy & Ice Cream

Brenntag invests in future technologies and is committed to its local partners. Our ultra-high-temperature (UHT) pilot plant in Vietnam is proof of that. Here, our experts drive trends and concepts with proactive projects for both new and well-established ingredients and allow our partners to test and evaluate new solutions for dairy and UHT products in the country with pilot scale prototypes.

Globally, we supply a wide range of functional additives and other aids for the dairy industry. In addition to traditional dairy products, such as fresh milk, yoghurt, recombined milk, or fermented milk drinks, or ice cream, our experts also help you to develop innovative new products from dairy analogues or vegetable fats to address customers’ growing demand for vegan alternatives to milk products which taste and feel like real milk-based products.


Brenntag Food & Nutrition offers the full spectrum of expertise and ingredients in the beverage sector and tailor-made formulations. This includes components for sodas, juices, energy drinks, waters, sports drinks, and alcoholic beverages as well as highest quality additives to create full-bodied flavors, refreshing taste or satisfying mouthfeel. No matter what time of day or night, our broad ingredient portfolio covers every taste from the invigorating morning coffee, to a rich post-workout shake, to a delicious after-work drink.

Chocolate & Confectionary

For your customers’ sweet tooth, we strive to offer you the highest-quality products, flavors, and blends – from original chocolate, white chocolate, cacao butter, liquor, powder, to decorations based on chocolate, sugar, and marzipan. Our dedicated food experts’ passion is to evoke that magical sensation of chocolate and confectionary that always reminds us of our favorite childhood sweets.

Brenntag’s food specialists continuously help our partners to come up with new innovative approaches and smart solutions to improve traditional techniques and products with our state-of-the-art ingredients and solutions expertise. This allows bakeries and confectioners to increase the quality of the final products, create the optimal taste balance and cater to specific dietary needs, such as sugar-reduced products.

Convenience Food

At Brenntag Food & Nutrition, we understand people’s desire for convenience and functional food. Finding the right ingredients to meet your needs as well as your customers’ expectations with respect to texture, taste, flavor, appearance and shelf life can be challenging. This is where our Food Application and Development Centers around the world can help you. They recognize food trends and deliver the most-suitable ingredients for your needs. In addition, they provide a distribution framework to back your success.

For us, convenience also defines our ability to connect to our partners by being both a reliable and most effective destination in distributional excellence. We save your time in developing, producing, distributing and preserving your products so that your customers can get delicious and healthy meals as well as safe and exciting new products.

Fruit & Vegetable Processing

To capture the taste of a fresh apple or crunchy salad, Brenntag’s dedicated experts in our Food Application and Development Centers develop innovative solutions together with our partners, and offer numerous products and additives used in fruit and vegetable processing, such as preservatives, antioxidants, stabilizers, gelling agents, or speciality blends (e.g. for vitamins or minerals). Our goal is to help you find the best solution to improve or at least preserve the nutritional taste and sensory qualities of fruit and vegetable products which your customers desire.

Current consumer trends in clean label ingredients, a rising awareness of sustainable origins of ingredients and higher value products, are also an integral part in our universe of food. With our passion for food and nutrition, we manage to provide the right talent for your production and distribution requirements.

Brenntag Food & Nutrition in 76 countries with local people on the ground.

Benefit from our extensive market, industry, and product know-how as well as our understanding of regulations, policies, challenges, developments, and trends – in your market.

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